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Audycja radiowa o programie Beesoft Commander
Źródło: Hacker Public Radio
Audycja: Deepgeek talks about the light weight app Beesoft Commander.
Autor: Deepgeek
Link: Radio broadcast by deepgeek

Beesoft Commander
Artykuł: Beesoft Commander: An old school file manager on the modern desktop.
Autor: Bruce Byfield
Link: Article by Bruce Byfield

Although the last release of Norton Commander, the famous file manager for DOS, was a decade ago, its legacy lives on in dozens of clones on every operating system imaginable.
On GNU/Linux, one of the most popular clones is Beesoft Commander (BSC).
Take the time to learn to use BSC and its efficiency could easily win you over.
Anyone trying to ease repetitive strain injuries caused by the mouse might find it especially worth investigating.

Beesoft Commander
Artykuł: Beesoft Commander: файловый менеджер старой школы на современном рабочем столе
Autor: Bruce Byfield (translation by Мир Opensource)
Link: Russian translation of article by Bruce Byfield

Хотя последний выпуск Norton Commander, знаменитого файлового менеджера для DOS, был десять лет назад, его наследие живет в десятках клонов практически на каждой операционной системе.
На GNU/Linux одним из самых популярных клонов является Beesoft Commander (BSC).
Потратьте время для изучения для использования BSC и его эффективность легко убедит вас.
Любой, кто пытается облегчить многочисленные травмы от напряжения, вызванные мышью, найдет его особенно достойным исследования.

Nick: xylo
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If I would be ask for the difference between your application and Kompare, I would say that BeeDiff is more userfriendly when you want to apply changes. Kompare is a good diff viewer but it's not very comfortable when you want to use the mouse.
BeeDiff has exactly the feature I've search for: buttons (right there where the differences are) to apply changes to left/right side or to delete changes. And that's very useful.

Because of that, it has become my favorite diff application now :)
So thanks for BeeDiff.

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